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Compaq Laptop Computer Repair. Compaq Laptop Service & Support, Battery repair, AC Adapter power socket repair, LCM, Upgrades and more for Compaq Laptop and Notebook Computers.
Your COMPAQ specialists.

Compaq Laptop Notebook Repair Services
LCD Panel Repair
Motherboard Repair / Monitor Repair
Hard Drive Repair / Data Recovery
A/C Adapter Repair
/ Inverter Repair
CD / DVD & Floppy Drive Repair
Keyboard Repair Service
Software & Operating System Support

If we can't fix it we don't charge

We appreciate your using Email Thankyou. Affordable Laptop Computer Repair. Fix it Laptop Service & Support for Laptop and Notebook Computers. Battery & AC Adapter repair, We repair blank or dim or High brightess with no data LCDs. Also Don't destroy a LCD just because its blank or dim or White but no data, We will replace the CCFL (cold cathode florescent lamp) for you + LCD Display refit & dim laptop display repair. We have the capability of servicing and repairing virtually all types of LCDs which include: Active, Passive, STN, DSTN, TFT SVGA + VGA.* We repair blank or dim or High brightess with no data LCDs. Also Don't destroy a LCD just because its blank or dim or White but no data, We will replace the CCFL (cold cathode florescent lamp) for you + Display refit & dim laptop display repair.
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OUR MAX CHARGE FOR ANY LABOR IS $90 if no fix no Labor charge

Except return shipping $15

Laptop Repair and Notebook Support, Laptop Repair Company, Palm Beach Florida, Serving the entire US. We are here to help you. We can repair down to the component level on most brands of laptops. We correct all problems including those with LCD's failures, Blank screen dimming can be a Bad bulb, bad screen faulty tab connectors on the side of LCD,s. Our electronics engineer (Bob) repairs faulty motherboards, shorting inverter. intermittent & complete component failures, liquid spillage, power spikes, & simpler problems like keyboard and drive failures. Laptop service exclusively. Repairing laptops RM laptop has been exclusively Repairing Supporting laptop and notebook computers for several years now, Specializing in replacement repair to the female power socket on the laptop system board. Whether it is a simple Windows or Mac OS problem or a defective system component, we are here to help you. We can repair down to the board level on most brands of laptops including problems with LCD's (and other display problems - HV Inverter transformer push pull output), motherboards, power supply and so on. To fix laptops Call 561-493-8756 for all Your Computer Laptop + Service Repairs Maintenance Needs.

Some of the compaq Laptop computers we service are:

Compaq Laptop Computer

Compaq Aero

Compaq Armada

Compaq Armada E

Compaq Contura

Compaq Evo

Compaq LTE

Compaq Presario

Compaq Elite C &CX

Compaq Prosignia


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Compaq Laptop Computers

Also Flat Panel Display Monitor Repair
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  • We will Diagnose the problem and call you with an Estimate within 3-5 Business days.

  • After estimate approval from the customer we will Repair all defects/problems and return your Laptop Repaired in the same box unless otherwise notified.

  • We will Back our Laptop Repair work with a 6 Mounth Warranty on Labor. New Laptop parts carry a 1 year warranty, refurbished Laptop parts carry 90 days to 6 Months warranty, Laptop Board Level Repair Warranty is 90 Days.

RM. Laptop If you are in the market for a used low priced laptop with a warranty, or a great price on a newer, or brand new laptop, you have finally found the RIGHT place! We also have a large selection of surplus desktop computers, monitors, printers, and networking equipment available, all priced to sell! We are located at North Palm Beach Fl. We are a full service customer care oriented company, specializing in Laptops of all makes and modes. Our friendly sales staff, and service department can answer all your questions, and help you to find the right laptop, or provide service for almost any type of difficulty. We are also one of the few companies that offer "Board Level" Laptop Repair's, as well as Display/Screens repair, and replacement!

    Currently these services are offered at the RM. Laptop Service Center: Laptop LCD Screens repair, hardware/software diagnosis, installation and trouble shooting, data transfer and recovery, BIOS upgrades, password removal, CMOS battery replacement, Palm Pilot synchronization, infrared printer configuration, operating system load (Windows, NT, OS/2, LINUX), hard drive install and upgrades, Y2K compatibility testing, Home and Office LAN installations. Courier Service is available. All RM. Laptop Service Center technicians are A+ Certified and work on NAME BRAND AND CLONE computers. In addition to the aforementioned services, RM. Laptop Service Center will stock accessories and emergency related items needed for portable computer users. We stock memory and hard drives for the most popular BRAND NAME AND CLONE computers. Other products we stock include Universal A/C Adapters (Toshiba, Compaq, IBM, Fujitsu, and many others), PCMCIA Modems, PCMCIA Cellular Modems, PCMCIA Network Cards, 2.5" Hard Drives, PS/2 Splitters, USB Cables, 2.5" Hard Drive/Desktop mounting kits, laptop security devices, storage solutions, and much more. RM. Laptop Service Center is aligned with many local distributors who stock the most popular power cords, PCMCIA cables and batteries, increasing our virtual stocking levels and therefore, our ability for same day service. RM. Laptop Service Center can supply brand name laptop computers at competitive prices including Toshiba, IBM, Hitachi, Panasonic, and Sony etc, see bottom of page.

We Buy Used Laptops

    RM. Laptop Inc. purchases surplus laptops, desktops, phone systems, networking gear, servers, routers, modems, hubs, and all types of communications and information systems from many of the largest companies in the Pacific Northwest, and from private individuals.

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